Things to Think About When Choosing Unreal Engine for Mobile Games

Mobile games are a marvelous invention that lets players access their favorite characters and stories even when away from the computer or a gaming console. You may solve mysteries in Life is Strange, transform into a superhero in Injustice 2, and even have an epic battle in Mortal Kombat if you’re on vacation or bored while on a stroll.

But what is the key to these games’ extraordinary gaming experiences? You won’t have to wait long for the solution, which is to use the fantastic Unreal Engine, a tremendous game developer (UE) platform. It only makes sense to select it for developing your mobile game since it has been used to generate gaming legends like Fortnite, the Borderlands (series), and others.

But since there are so many alternatives to using UE, there must be several justifications for doing so. Continue reading to discover UE4’s unique features and benefits for developing mobile games, as well as some further information on Unreal game development services that may be useful.

Are Mobile Games Good for Unreal Engine?

Numerous evaluations on public forums like Quora and Reddit claim that experts in the field of game creation see Unreal Engine as a suitable platform for producing high-quality mobile games.

This indicates that UE would be an excellent choice for challenging video game projects aimed at stunning visuals, top-notch gameplay, and compelling storytelling. Therefore, using top-notch software like Unreal Engine is essential when creating a game for people willing to pay for an exceptional gaming experience.

Principal Benefits of Using Unreal Engine for the Development of Mobile Games

Most of your inquiries will typically be answered by the list of benefits for the game engine you intend to utilize.

  • Platform independence. You can make an iOS and Android-compatible game using Unreal Engine. Such cross-platform mobile game creation is typically tricky. Nevertheless, UE streamlines this procedure with specialized visual scripting tools like Blueprint for simultaneously building visuals supported by several platforms.
  • Capabilities for game porting. The Engine supports both cross-platform game development and game porting. Told you can move and modify your mobile game for a PC platform or a console if you make it with Unreal. This will allow you to make money from the same game on many platforms.
  • Formally presented documentation. Unreal Engine offers valuable guidance on how to use it for creating mobile games. Numerous resources for getting started with the Engine, the specifics and process of creating games for various platforms, etc., are available on this website.
  • A specialized set of tools. The main benefit of Unreal Engine is that it meets all the requirements of a technical artist, game tester, mobile game developer, and other experts involved in game development.
  • Tools for creating 2D and 3D content. Characters, materials, and environments can all be created using UE, whether you’re making a 2D or 3D game. In addition to modeling, sculpting, texturing, and even animation capabilities, such as rigging and skinning, it provides drawing and painting tools for creating flat visuals.
  • No recurring monthly fees. Most game development software charges steep prices for a monthly or yearly subscription. On the other hand, UE is free to use while developing games. However, if your game’s revenue exceeds $1 million, you will be charged 5% of that amount. All right.
  • Top game developers choose UE. Anyone involved in the video game industry, including players who admire the goods created with this Engine, is familiar with Unreal Engine. The fact that Epic Games invented and maintains UE and is regarded as a leader in the video game industry by companies like Rockstar Games, Electronic Arts, Nintendo, and others is crucial.

What to Choose Between Unity and Unreal for Mobile Games?

As much debate among game developers about Unity vs. Unreal for mobile games as there is over iOS vs. Android handsets, when deciding between these two well-known game-building platforms, it is best to base your decision on your unique requirements, your ultimate goal, and your budget.

In conclusion, Unity would be preferable for cross-platform development and projects that must be completed fast but on a respectable level. On the other hand, Unreal Engine is more frequently used for intricate projects with a larger budget and higher standards for product quality, aiming at an audience of experienced gamers.