Decision 2

Click 'Allow' to play Decision 2!
Click the Lock icon and change Block to Allow to play Decision 2.
1. Click the i or lock-icon top left in the Chrome address bar.
2. In the Flash dropdown, select 'Allow'
3. Refresh the page.
Click 'Always allow' to play Decision 2!
If you don't see the Flash option above, you can still enable Flash as follows:
  1. Open a new tab and go to
  2. Change Block (default) to Allow in the Flash section
  3. Reload the page

This game is using Flash! After the 31st of July 2019, your internet browser might start blocking Flash, especially if you use Google Chrome. This means you'll have to activate it to play this game.

Decision 2
Decision 21 votes. 5 / 5

Destroy zombies with your weapon! - Play Midnight Zombie 2 now!

Use mouse to aim/shoot, arrow keys to move.

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